SIEMOS PQ II is used to perform measurements of electricity quality on low- and medium-voltage networks. The equipment enables, among other things, detection of short circuits in the network, storage of current values ​​of alternating or direct current signals (voltage, current, power), evaluation of voltage quality in accordance with standards EN50160, IEC61000-2-2 and IEC61000-2-4, real time frequency analysis up to 170 kHz, transient analysis, a study of electrical loads and energy efficiency assessment. The range of use of the analyzer is therefore wide, and the possibilities of use in performing research and project work are also suitable for this. The instrument upgrades the existing range of laboratory measuring instruments and adds new functionalities. The most important added functionality is the UMTS connectivity of the instrument, which in practice enables remote access and real-time control of measurement data acquisition and real-time change of data acquisition parameters.

Technical information
The instrument consists of a central processing card to capture data in a suitable housing and ancillary equipment, including a complete set of current probes, auxiliary connection material, cable connections, UMTS modem and antenna, carrying case.
The instrument allows the following sampling intervals of measured quantities: current values ​​from 200 ms to 3 sec, frequency measurement at 10 sec, measurement of current values ​​n x sec (1 sec to 30 min free).
Other technical data:
• Analog AC / DC input: 24 Bit A/D converter, sampling frequency 40.96 kHz,  DC frequency analysis up to 20 kHz;
• Digital input: receives any external AC or DC trigger pulse (12 – 250 V);
• Reinforcement card: 4 MHz, level ± 5 kV;
• Memory: 4 GB; expandable via SD card up to 32 GB;
• Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet TCP / IP, WLAN / Wifi connection, RS232 (DCF or GPS clock);
• UPS: on – power up to 3.5 hours.

The price of renting measuring equipment is 150 EUR / day (the price does not include VAT).