Laboratory of Electricity Networks and Devices

Dear visitors,

welcome to the web pages of the Laboratory of Electricity Networks and Devices – LEND, Faculty of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Ljubljana. If you bear with me through this boring introduction you will learn something about the Laboratory’s main activities.

LEND has a long research tradition in power engineering in Slovenia. In cooperation with the Siemens Network Planning Department from Germany we started with the pioneering work of using digital simulations for power system analyses in the beginning of the nineties. At that time this approach was accepted with doubts but today it is something obvious. Precise analyses of different problems in electricity networks using modern simulation programs remain the main activity of the Laboratory.

Undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes carried out by our Laboratory focus on analyses of electricity networks and devices, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, power quality, and high voltage engineering.

Research and development primarily tackle power quality issues. The Laboratory performs studies on spreading of disturbances across the network and plans compensation devices for operators of transmission and distribution networks and large industrial customers. An important field of interest lately includes interconnection of distributed generation into electricity networks and its influence on power quality. The Laboratory is one of the founders of the Centre for Distributed Energy Sources at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. Through their participation in European projects, our researchers have developed close international cooperation.

In addition to scientific excellence the main vision of the Laboratory is to transfer solutions into practice and support technology development of Slovenian power industry.

Head of LEND:
Prof. Dr. Igor Papič