Smart distribution networks

Published: 08.01.2020

Extracurricular activities that will be carried out within the European project SMAGRINET. The course will be carried out in the form of lectures and exercises (first week) in combination with individual work – preparation of a seminar paper (second week). The lectures will be conducted entirely by lecturers from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Smart grids represent an upgrade of today’s concept of operation and planning of networks, which enables the connection of various consumers (electric vehicles, heat pumps…) and production (renewable sources) to technical appropriate and economically optimal way. Knowledge of smart grid technologies will be one of the key skills in the field of electricity system operation in the future.

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Energy Game Changers 2020

Published: 08.11.2020

We are pleased to invite you to Energy Game Changers 2020 – the SMAGRINET first annual conference taking place on November 19, 2020 from 9h00 AM to 2h00 PM CET. The interactive online event is exploring the best ways to power smart grid expertise in Europe and fully understand the value in energy transition. 

The conference is bringing the policymakers, industry leaders and academy representatives to one stage. The speakers involve Antonella Battaglini, CEO of  Renewables Grid Initiative; Hando Sutter, Board Member of Eurelectric, and Dan Podjed, Ph.D. Founder and Advisor at EASA Applied Anthropology Network. Exiting panel discussion will be brought to you together with Pr. Fabrice Lemoine, ‘Energies for the Future Challenge’ of the Lorraine Université d’Excellence programme; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Strunz, TU Berlin; Karl Kull from Tallinn University of Technology and Prof. Dr. Saulius Gudžius from Kaunas Technological University.

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SMAGRINET Educational program 

Published: 02.11.2020

Within the European project SMAGRINET, Laboratory for Electrical Newtork and Devices (LEND) will organize an educational program intended for the general public (managers, future master’s students and others who would be interested in the topic).

The goal of the training is to get to know the components and principles of smart grids in five weeks (2-3 hours a week) through video content.

An invitation with more detailed information can be found at:

Each participant will receive a certificate for the completed training.

We start on 9.11.2020. Join us!